Jalan Kampung Jawa Lama, George Town, Penang

Jalan Kampung Jawa Lama, George Town

Jalan Kampung Jawa Lama is a narrow road off Dato' Keramat Road within the George Town city centre. Located east of and running parallel to Jalan Kampung Jawa Baru, this straight road links Dato' Keramat Road to the north with Jalan Timah to the south.

Jalan Kampung Jawa Lama road sign, George Town, Penang

Jalan Kampung Jawa Lama road sign

The road was named after a Javanese village that used to exist along the road in the early 19th. century. Later, when a tin smelting facility was opened within the vicinity of the road, the area underwent some development. The influx of Javanese workers brought into the tin smelting facility also extended the Javanese neighbourhood, creating Kampung Jawa Baru.

Today, the site of the former tin smelting plant has been redeveloped into the Penang Times Square.


Kampung Jawa Lama, meaning Old Javanese Village in Malay, was derived from a Javanese settlement that existed within the area in the early 19th. century.

When Javanese workers were brought in to work in the Eastern Smelting plant in the late 19th. century, the Javanese neighbourhood was extended west, creating Kampung Jawa Baru (meaning New Javanese Village in Malay).


A Javanese settlement had been in existence within the area since the early 19th. century.

When a tin smelting facility, to be named later as Eastern Smelting, was established nearby in 1897, Javanese workers were hired from Kampung Jawa Lama. More workers from Java, then under the Dutch East Indies, were also brought in when the facility was expanded. The influx of Javanese workers eventually created Kampung Jawa Baru to the west of Kampung Jawa Lama.

Also, the establishment of the tin smelting plant led to some urban development of Jalan Kampung Jawa Lama. It is still unknown, however, when the Javanese village ceased to exist.

The Eastern Smelting plant was eventually abandoned towards the late 20th. century, as the tin mining industry in Malaysia was dying a slow death. In the early 2000s, the site of the former tin smelting facility was brought by Ivory Properties Group, who subsequently redeveloped the site into the Penang Times Square.


  • Sri Kamatchi Amman Hindu Temple


  • Old Penang Hotel

Political Representation

Penang State Government

N.28 Komtar State Assemblyman : Teh Lai Heng (Democratic Action Party)

Malaysian Federal Parliament

P.049 Tanjong Member of Parliament : Ng Wei Aik (Democratic Action Party)


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