Scotland Road, George Town, Penang

Scotland Road, George Town

Scotland Road is a major two-way road within the western part of George Town proper. It runs between the intersection with Western Road and Sepoy Lines Road to the north, and the southern intersection with Air Itam Road and Green Lane. This trunk road also forms part of the Penang Middle Ring Road, which also consists of Green Lane and Jalan Tengku Kudin.

It is believed that Scotland Road was laid out sometime in the 19th. century and is one of the handful of roads in George Town that were given Scottish-related names. The road became the western limit of George Town in the late 19th. century; the city has since expanded beyond this road.

Scotland Road sign, George Town, Penang

Scotland Road sign


Scotland Road was probably named due to the Penang Turf Club, which was established along this road in 1864. As most of the early club members were Scotsmen, the road could have been named after their country of origin.

Notable Landmarks

  • Penang Turf Club
  • Union High School
  • Penang State Library
  • Penang Syariah High Court

Political Representation

Penang State Government

N.29 Dato Keramat State Assemblyman : Jagdeep Singh Deo (Democratic Action Party)

Malaysian Federal Parliament

P.050 Jelutong Member of Parliament : Ooi Chuan Aun (Democratic Action Party)


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