Singgora Lane, George Town, Penang

Singgora Lane, George Town

Singgora Lane is a two-way lane within the George Town city centre. It runs from north to south between Dato' Keramat Road and Cheah Chew Yoo Road, immediately west of the Northeast District Police Headquarters and parallel to Patani Road on the other end of the police headquarters.

Singgora Lane street sign, George Town, Penang

Singgora Lane sign

The lane was named after the Thai city of Songkhla, which was once known as Singgora.


Singgora Lane was named after the city of Songkhla in southern Thailand. Songkhla was named Singgora in the past and was notably the centre of the Sultanate of Singgora.

Political Representation

Penang State Government

N.29 Dato Keramat State Assemblyman : Jagdeep Singh Deo (Democratic Action Party)

Malaysian Federal Parliament

P.050 Jelutong Member of Parliament : Ooi Chuan Aun (Democratic Action Party)


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