State Anthem of Penang 'Untuk Negeri Kita'-0

State Anthem of Penang 'Untuk Negeri Kita'-0

Penang State Anthem : Untuk Negeri Kita

Untuk Negeri Kita ('For Our State' in Malay) is the anthem of the State of Penang. Composed by James W. Boyle, an Eurasian Penangite, the song was introduced in 1972.

By law, the state anthem is sung in Malay after the national anthem of Malaysia, Negaraku, accompanied by the raising of the Penang flag. It is regularly played during official state ceremonies and events, including the Malaysian Independence Day (31 August) and the birthday of the current Governor of Penang (9 July).


James W. Boyle

James W. Boyle was a famous jazz musician whose plays were also beamed by the likes of the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) and the Voice of America.

Untuk Negeri Kita was composed by James W. Boyle (1922-1971), an Eurasian Penangite. In the post-war years, he gained fame worldwide as a jazz musician and composer. Unfortunately, he did not live to see the introduction of his song as the state anthem.

It was first played on 22 December 1972, during the birthday celebrations of the then Governor of Penang, Tun Syed Sheh Hassan Barakhbah.


By law, Untuk Negeri Kita must be played after the Malaysian national anthem, Negaraku, in official ceremonies and events within the State of Penang. It is also played at least once weekly in all schools throughout Penang.

The anthem is also accompanied by the raising of the Penang flag.

When the state anthem of Penang is played, all persons present must stand at attention facing the Penang flag with their arms by their sides.

The anthem is to be sung in its original composition, which is in Malay.


Selamat Tuhan kurniakan

Selamat Pulau Pinang

Negeriku yang mulia

Ku taat dan setia

Aman dan bahagia

Majulah, jayalah

Negeriku yang ku cinta

Bersatu dan bersama

Untuk negeri kita

English Translation

May God grant safety

Safety to Penang

My noble state

To which I am loyal and faithful

Peaceful and happy

Progress and succeed

My state which I love

United and together

For our state


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